How will the COVID-19 booster vaccination campaign proceed? Who are the priority groups for vaccination?

The roll-out of the second booster vaccination programme will be similar to the first booster vaccination campaign, but only specific groups will be advised to take a second booster vaccine. Once again, priority groups have been determined on the basis of scientific advice and social debate.

The time between booster doses is best respected: The optimal time between two booster vaccinations is 6 months. For a booster vaccination, only an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) is currently used.

For the time being, a second booster vaccine is only recommended for the groups listed below.

GROUP 1a: Most vulnerable population (people with increased risk of death or severe forms of COVID-19):

  • Persons aged 65 years and over
  • Residents in residential care centres and community care facilities
  • Persons with immunosuppression due to disease or treatment
  • Persons with at least one comorbidity
  • Children or adults with the following conditions:
    • Chronic kidney and/or chronic liver diseases
    • Haematological cancers (e.g. leukaemia)
    • Down's syndrome
    • Transplant patients or persons on the transplant waiting list
    • Immune system disorders or use of immunosuppressants that increase the risk of infectious diseases
    • Active AIDS/HIV
    • Certain rare diseases with special focus on diseases affecting the cardiovascular, respiratory or neurological systems (see Orphanet list)
    • All pregnant women regardless of stage of pregnancy (interval for 2nd booster is 3-6 months)

GROUP 1b: All persons active in it healthcare sector:

  • Healthcare personnel in primary care and hospitals
  • Other hospital and healthcare facility staff
  • Staff of preventive healthcare services
  • Healthcare personnel working in a practice, pharmacy, etc.

GROUP 1c: People living in the same household as people at high risk of severe disease

GROUP 2: Individuals aged 50-64 with certain risk factors such as obesity, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption

GROUP 3: Rest of the population, persons in good health between the ages of 18 and 64.

To date, a second COVID-19 booster vaccine has not been recommended by the Superior Health Council, but it is offered on a voluntary basis. This is at least 6 months after the last booster vaccination. Vaccination based on age of remaining population.