Why declare products and compositions?

In order to answer urgent phone calls about exposure to a product efficiently, our doctors should have the compositions of all commercialized products. There are legal obligations about the declaration of dangerous products, pesticides and biocides to the Belgian Poison Centre.

The declarations of products by the industry to the Belgian Poison Centre are strictly confidential.

Our medical team appreciates your efforts and thanks you for your cooperation.


a. Mandatory notifications:

  • Notification of mixtures  classified as hazardous, based on the regulation (EC) No 1272/2008, because of its effects on health or because of its physical effects:

    - Article 2 of the Royal Decree of April 21, 2016 (consolidated version by the Belgian Official Journal) states that for every hazardous mixture for human health and physical effects, the chemical composition and all necessary information that the Poison Centre needs for the execution of the tasks, must be transferred to the Poison Centre at least 48 hours before market release. This must be done by the manufacturer or every other person who releases a hazardous mixture on the market.
    The guarantee of confidentiality of this information is described in Article 4 of the Royal Decree.

    - Article 45 of the CLP regulation EC No 1272/200.

b. Voluntary notifications:

  • Non-classified mixtures or mixtures only classified for the environmental hazards (with H4xx statement)

    If you include the Poison Control Centre emergency number on your labels and/or safety data sheets, the composition of your mixtures must have been declared to the Poison Centre.